1. Equipped with tilt and shock absorber
  2. Reinforced back panel
  3. 6 strong internal lashing eyes

The 2260 wide has a tiltable platform. It is also equipped with shock absorber for easier handling of the platform. The reinforced back panel makes it easy to load motor cycles, lawn movers or garden waste. The trailer has lower side panels (26 cm) that makes it easier to step out of the trailer after you have loaded your vehicle. The trailer is easy to load and have foldable front and back panel for loading of longer goods. All versions are fitted with internal lashing eyes and external lashing hooks for secure loading of goods. As always Brenderup offers a wide accessory program for our trailers. Images are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment.


Modello 2260WSUB750
Codice articolo 311853
Massa complessiva (kg) 750
Pesi totali alternativi 400,450,500,550,600,650,700
Portata utile 490
Tara (kg) 260
Dimensioni interne di carico (cm) 258x153x26
Dimensioni esterne (cm) 403x204x97
Altezza di carico 530
Sponda Steel
Sponda posteriore apribile
Sponda laterale apribile No
Sponda anteriore apribile No
Sistema di ribaltamento Gas spring
Sistema anti ribaltamento No
Freno No
Assali 1
Dimensione pneumatico 145/80Rx13
Colonnette 4
Tipo di cerchio Steel
Tipo di parafango Non standable
Adattatore 13
Tipo di spina elettrica Straight
Ruotino No
Anelli di fissaggio interni 6
Anelli di fissaggio esterni 4
Bottoni esterni per fissaggio telo

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