221300B SRX

  1. Equipped with super roller cradle
  2. Stainless steel brake wires
  3. Standable fully covered mudguards

Braked trailer for boats up to 22”. Equipped with V-shaped welded reinforced chassi and very good driving capabilities. Superior quality rollers with the purpose of low impact on the boat hull. Tiltable super roller rear cradle and adjustable double side rollers to easy fit your boat. Hot dip galvanized chassi for durability and long sustainability of your trailer. The electric cables are fully concealed and protected within the chassi of the trailer. Waterproof wheel bearings for extended life time. Fully protected winch and winch tower are easy adjustable to fit your boat, the winch tower is also equipped with an extra security wire for use when transporting your boat on your trailer. Easy removable light ramp with quick release for easy loading and unloading of your boat into the water. Images are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment.


Modello 221300B SRX
Codice articolo 312086
Lunghezza della barca misurata in piedi 22
Lunghezza della barca misurata in metri 6,6
Massa complessiva (kg) 1300
Pesi totali alternativi 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1250, 1300
Portata utile 930
Tara (kg) 370
Dimensioni interne di carico (cm) 0x0x0
Dimensioni esterne (cm) 655x221x150
Altezza di carico 450
Assali 1
Dimensione pneumatico 185Rx14C
Colonnette 5
Tipo di cerchio Steel
Tipo di parafango Standable
Adattatore 13
Tipo di spina elettrica Straight
Anelli di fissaggio interni 0
Anelli di fissaggio esterni 0
Bottoni esterni per fissaggio telo No
Assale regolabile
Fissaggio selle -
Luci incluse
Sistema di carico Super rollers
Tipo di carico -
Lunghezza della rampa di salita -
Segnaletica separata Ramp
Rulli centrali 4
Rulli laterali 12
Rulli de luxe 1
Argano Manual

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